VR Bangers Releases New Fantasy ‘The Writer’ Starring Alyssa Reece

VR Bangers has announced the release of a new fantasy starring Alyssa Reece.

This fantasy centers on Reece as a writer and frames the viewer as her assistant. The story sees Reece writing about her own sexual adventures and being in need of inspiration so that she can produce another bestseller.

“Fucking a famous writer is a fantasy that has not yet been covered among VR Bangers’ scenarios,” Producer Mike Henigan said. “But we are always here to come up with ever-new sexual dreams and fantasies of our fans and members — and thus we have just produced this latest idea. Is it good? I believe so, but you will have to judge on your own after wearing your VR goggles.”

More information about the fantasy can be found at VRBangers.com.

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Source: XBiz

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