Roxie Rae Releases Sexy New Fetish Clips

Prolific fetish content creator Roxie Rae has released a new collection of clips featuring Kitty Quinn, Carmen Valentina, Slyy, Meiko, Nika Venom, Honey Dew, Misty Meaner and Rae herself.

There are three G/G scenes in this week’s batch. One features Rae and Quinn playing with and blowing up balloons for Roxie Rae Fetish; a second Roxie Rae Fetish clip centers on Meiko lactating breast milk and offering JOI.

Valentina and Slyyy are featured in another G/G clip, this one for Best Wedgies. “Carmen and Slyyy are topless in bed, and start giving each other front and back wedgies until they orgasm,” a rep said.

The last two clips are centered on feet. In an all-girl clip for The Foot Fantasy, Venom surprises Honey Dew with foot worshiping.

The next foot scene is part of Karate Domination and has Meaner in a dojo engaging in verbal and foot humiliation. This clip can be found here.

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Source: XBiz

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