Kayley Gunner Returns to POVR in ‘Ready Player Screw’

Kayley Gunner returns to POVR for the new fantasy “Ready Player Screw” that showcases the busty starlet as she bounces around in a VR headset.

As the action opens, “Kayley is sneaking in a little VR time. She always thought VR was a little silly but now she is tumbling deep down the VR rabbit hole and having some real fun,” a rep teased. “Jumping around and swinging virtual sabers while totally topless is a total workout and when she lifts the headset to see she’s not alone, the real action can begin. Kayley plays both Player One and Player Two in this epic erotic encounter driven by some seriously sexy tech.”

The 41-minute scene is currently rated at 89% by active POVR website members and includes the content tags “Big Tits,” “Closeup Missionary, “Cowgirl,” “Missionary” and “Titty Fuck.”

“The intro for this scene was practically written for someone with Kayley’s impressive assets,” POVR’s Darrell Rosebush said. “The sight of her topless in a VR headset is a pure techno delight. Like many POVR productions, Kayley’s new scene includes a fun twist ending, but this time viewers will get a whole new kind of perspective.”

Click here for additional information about “Ready Player Screw” and find the starlet’s scene work for the company here.

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Source: XBiz

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