Interview: Aria Khaide

A version of this feature appears in the March issue of AVN magazine. For the digital edition, click here.

LOS ANGELES—“I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” Aria Khaide says. A nominee for Best MILF at this year’s AVN Awards, and a two-time nominee for Inked Angels’ “Perfect Pussy” award (one for each year she has been a performer), Khaide has just put her two kids to bed, and is talking to AVN from her home in New Jersey. Her husband, Chris, is working in the background. “I’m an East Coast hustler.”

A former Division I athlete (cross-country and lacrosse) with a degree in Kinesiology, Khaide (whose name comes from a combination of Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark and her husband’s gamertag) approaches her work in the adult industry with the precision and diligence she applied to being on the mens’ wrestling team in high school. That is not a misprint. And, on her very first day in the adult industry, she shot five scenes in a row.

“I told Chris that if I’m doing it, I’m jumping in with both feet. I shot the scenes, we walked the floor of the convention, and went to the after-parties.”

Even though she is quick to point out that she also loves shooting girl/girl content, Khaide has made her name in the MILF/horny housewife/cuckold niches. It’s there where her brand has taken off, and where she fields a lot of fan speculation.

“People ask me if my husband is OK with what I do,” she says. “He’s the one who suggested it! He said, ‘You’re such a greedy slut that I can’t wait to share you.’”

And so, in early videos, Khaide can be seen teasing the camera that her husband is holding (“trying not to crack up,” she says), and saying things like, “My husband can’t satisfy me” when, in reality, the two are business partners, supportive parents, and very selective swingers.

“We’re monogamous outside of porn,” Khaide says, “because the general public isn’t getting (STD/HIV) tested like we are.”

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