Veronica Leal Stars in VR Bangers’ Fantasy ‘Sexy-Flexy’

Veronica Leal stars in the new VR Bangers sports fantasy, “Sexy-Flexy.”

“Is the 2020 Summer Olympics being canceled? It is still not completely certain right now, but even if it was, that does not mean that VR porn fantasies with this theme are being canceled too,” said a rep.

“Sexy-Flexy” is described as “a VR porn scene inside of which you will become a coach of Veronica Leal. This flexible star has been prepping for the incoming Olympics. Since she has been preparing her entire year, the cancellation is really devastating to her, and she will need to find a way to cheer up and relax — with you.”

VR Bangers producer Mike Heningan explained that “the Olympic theme is something we have been planning for a while now, and even though the event might get canceled this year, it does not mean that we are not releasing our latest VR movie about it.”

“‘Sexy-Flexy’ is our super-flexible VR porn experience where Veronica has done a whole lot to introduce some new sexual positions — some of which are barely doable in real life,” Henigan added.

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Source: XBiz

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