Sara Anne Interview

RedRocketBWC: Where were you born and raised?

Sara Anne: I was born and raised in Northern Kentucky. I’m a big UK Basketball & Cincinnati Bengals fan!

RedRocketBWC: When did you get into swinging and having sex outside your marriage?

Sara Anne: About a year after I got married my husband brought up the idea after hearing a swinger couple on a popular radio program. He loved how good in bed I was (best he had ever had) and wanted his friends to “try me out” while he watched. He said it would be like live porn for him. I was very hesitant at first and we had some trial and error but once I did it I sure was glad I did. We have never looked back and it has made our marriage stronger for it! I can’t imagine my life without it!

RedRocketBWC: You said to me you have a high sex drive due to being part Italian. How often would you estimate you are having sex? And with how many partners?

Sara Anne: After 17 years together my husband and I still have sex 3 to 5 tines a week.  I myself have sex typically 4 to 7 times a week on average… sometimes it’s a lot more but not usually less. I always have at least 5 “regulars” other than hubby and am constantly searching for new partners.  Typically, I’ll have sex with at least 2 new guys a month… who then sometimes become new regulars! I pick them up at bars, grocery stores or online dating apps and of course at lifestyle parties!

RedRocketBWC: Your breasts are enhanced, correct?

Sara Anne: Yes, I’m actually on my second new set and I love them!

RedRocketBWC: What bra size do you wear?

Sara Anne: 32DDD but I never wear a bra and don’t even think I own one any more! 

RedRocketBWC: What is your favorite sex position?

Sara Anne: It depends on my mood. I like many variations of missionary… but my usual favorite is being bent over face down ass up!

RedRocketBWC: You told me you don’t do anal or pain. Is there anything else off limits?

Sara Anne: I’m always open to ideas and most of them I’d try at least once… I’m definitely not into urination or scat stuff though.

RedRocketBWC: What do you like more? Do you prefer to swallow cum or be creampied?

Sara Anne: I definitely love to feel a man explode inside me. I love the feeling of his cock throbbing while it pumps my pussy full of cum and I love seeing and feeling it drip out of me. I don’t feel like I did my job until it happens. I actually get a little high from it! Oh… and if I can’t get it in my pussy… I love seeing it on my tits and I always swallow!

RedRocketBWC: Do you like it when a guy sprays cum all over your face?

Sara Anne: Well, I prefer it to be somewhere I can see it when its happening so I won’t say I like it on my face… but if a guy wants to do it I’m happy to let him… as long as it doesn’t get in my hair or eyes!  

RedRocketBWC: Where is the craziest place you ever had sex?

Sara Anne: I had sex on a park bench at a theme park in the middle of the day once.  It was scary and exhilarating at the same time!

RedRocketBWC: When did you first start watching porn?

Sara Anne: I was a freshman in college when I saw my first one.

RedRocketBWC: What kind of porn do you watch the most? Is it only straight stuff or do you watch lesbians?

Sara Anne: Mostly straight stuff… multiple guys on one girl is my favorite. I do love boobs and the female body but I definitely prefer to see the dick!

RedRocketBWC: Who are your favorite pro porn stars to watch?

Sara Anne: I have always been a big Jenna Jameson fan.

RedRocketBWC: How long have you been nude modeling on Pornhub?

Sara Anne: I have been nude modeling and filming amateur adult films for over a decade. I only joined Pornhub in early December when I finally decided I wanted to do more and go pro! 

RedRocketBWC: Can you describe your experience so far? 

Sara Anne: In general, I have had a great experience across all platforms. It was scary at first to release even a topless photo all those years ago and then going so far as solo films and finally actually doing the really naughty stuff and letting people watch me get fucked in all different ways. It’s been the positive feedback and all of my fans and followers that push me to do more. I love entertaining you all! 

RedRocketBWC: What kind of video content are you independently releasing right now?

Sara Anne: Well, I’ve pretty much uploaded every video I’ve ever done that I feel is worth watching.  I’m always looking for that next fan or local guy that’s willing to fuck me, let us film it and then share it with the world!  Who knows when the next one will be? Next week? Next month? All I know is that as soon as I film and edit it, I’ll be sure to share it with you all!

RedRocketBWC: How has the fan reaction been?

Sara Anne: Really really good, again it’s what drives me to do more and really push my limits for what I do on camera. As long as its fun. I’ll probably try it!  Sure there is the occasional asshole troll… but I’ve gotten really good at brushing them off. They make a block feature for a reason!  Lol

RedRocketBWC: So you are very serious about starting a professional porn career, correct? 

Sara Anne: Very, I’m really excited to get on camera in front of real professionals and do scenes with other pros! I can’t wait to see my first real film when its completed! 

RedRocketBWC: Have you always wanted to get into the porn industry?

Sara Anne: No, I mean I’ve always dreamed of being an actress, just didn’t originally think it would be having sex on camera.  As the years have gone by I realized that apparently other people enjoy watching me have sex (and having sex with me)… and I’ve had some big audiences… lol… they say if you are good at something you should never do it for free… so I decided it was time to take my dream of acting and my love of sex and combine them, which naturally lead me to the adult film industry!

RedRocketBWC: What companies or agencies are you interested in working with?

Sara Anne: I have already applied at a few and looking forward to hearing back from them….some of my top choices are Motley & Hussie but I’d really just like to get my foot in the door somewhere and not be taken advantage of.

RedRocketBWC: You seem to really enjoy cum tributes, right? What turns you on the most about that?

Sara Anne: I love seeing or making a man cum for me… if I can’t do it myself for them it turns me on watching them actually do it for me while looking at pictures or videos of me. It turns me on so much that I often play with myself while looking at the dick pics and cum tributes I’ve been sent.  Technically that’s my favorite porn!

RedRocketBWC: What is your perfect length for dick size when it comes to having sex?

Sara Anne: Honestly I’m more of a girth girl, I’ve had a lot of fun with shorter dicks and longer ones as long as its nice and thick and can stretch me and fill me and hit all the right places…..length isn’t that important. 

RedRocketBWC: Is there anything still on your ‘sexual bucket list’ that you want to cross off?

Sara Anne: I’ve done a lot honestly and checked almost all of my boxes.  Unfortunately MOST of my most fun and naughty sexploits haven’t been caught on film. As of today the only one I’m really focused on is filming that first professional film!  Where that takes me… we will see!

RedRocketBWC: Where are the best spots on the web for fans to view your pictures and videos?

Sara Anne: Currently, my Pornhub profile is really taking off and I’d encourage you to go there @Sara Anne825 but there is a ton of content on MeWe, Instagram & my Onlyfans page. All the links to those are posted on my Pornhub profile so you should probably start there!

RedRocketBWC: Thanks for taking the time to do this with me. Best of luck with your career in the XXX biz. Any last words for the fans?

Sara Anne: I really hope you stop by and check out my Pornhub page and encourage you to Like, comment and share and help me get the word out! I really try to chat with all my fans as much as possible so don’t be afraid to say hi! Can’t wait to see where the future takes me and looking forward to keeping you all cumming for me for years to come!

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