Kiki Klout Guests on ‘The Anthony Rogers Show’

Starlet Kiki Klout is the featured guest on this week’s episode of “The Anthony Rogers Show.”

“They talk about a lot of subjects and Anthony has Kiki show off her crib in the YouTube portion of the show, in a classic ‘MTV Cribs’ parody, since porn is obsessed with parody,” a rep explained.

“Anthony and Kiki also talk about how Kiki came up with her name, how she got started and her rise to fame with porn, dancing and being on WorldStarHipHop,” noted the rep.

Find “The Anthony Rogers Show” on Apple Podcasts and Spotify; watch a video version on YouTube.

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In related news, Lonna Wells, the content creator allegedly fired from her job at Taco Bell for having worked in adult, was a featured guest a recent episode of “The Anthony Rogers Show.”

Source: XBiz

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