Isabelle Reese Stars in VR Bangers’ Fantasy ‘O Canada’

Isabelle Reese stars in “O Canada,” a new fantasy that is part of VR Bangers’ “Open Borders” series.

“Even though during the pandemic more and more countries are getting their borders closed, VR Bangers is doing exactly the opposite — letting all their devoted fans forget about this epidemic and keep on virtually interacting with all the hottest girls from all around the globe,” said a rep.

This time, the rep continued, “VR Bangers are visiting the land of the maple syrup and the maple tree. You will be paying a visit to Isabelle Reese, who will definitely treat you right and show you some of that world-famous Canadian hospitality.”

“I am not going to tell you which country we are heading to next,” said VR Bangers’ Mike Henigan. “But you can be sure that there is a whole lot of fun waiting for you.”

To watch “O Canada,” visit

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Source: XBiz

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