Chloe Amour Stars in Sultry New VR Fantasy for SexLikeReal

Chloe Amour stars in “Dusk Till Dawn,” a sultry new immersive VR fantasy for SexLikeReal.

The title was directed by Alex Nash alongside Evan Redstar as the director of photography. “With our state-of-the-art VR camera rig, we’re able to put the viewer in the shoes of our hero and bring this grindhouse sex fantasy to life in the most engrossing way imaginable,” Nash enthused.

“Every guy wants to be the leading man in a pulpy adventure where he encounters a breathtaking femme fatale and indulges in an unforgettable night of inexhaustibly hot sex with her,” continued Nash. “Chloe looks like she was ripped out of a scene from a Robert Rodriguez flick. She’s off-the-charts sexy, classy as hell and has the sensual prowess to really pull off the endless night of debauchery that this virtual experience promises to deliver.”

“Chloe pulls out all the stops in ‘Dusk till Dawn,'” he added. “From the moment she walks into frame rocking her red lingerie to the way she relishes riding our hero until the sun comes up, she’ll undoubtedly exceed every expectation her fans have.”  

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Source: XBiz

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