Megan Fox Lookalike MJ Fresh Stars in VR Bangers’ ‘Chill & Drill’

MJ Fresh stars in “Chill & Drill,” the latest scene from VR Bangers.

“If you have always wanted to have sex with one of the biggest and the most beautiful Hollywood stars, Megan Fox,” said a rep, “VR Bangers are not going to arrange for you to meet her – they are not that good, sorry – but they will do the next closest thing: a VR date with her porn lookalike, MJ Fresh.”

“MJ has been tasked by the producers to show you that she is as good the original Hollywood star and that you two can actually spend an amazing time together,” the rep added.

“Megan Fox? Yeah, she was a crush for all of us at some point,” admitted VR Bangers producer Roman Lit. “Fortunately, thanks to the technology of virtual reality porn, we can now make an arrangement kind-of-possible.”

“Make your ‘Megan Fox-tasy’ come true,” Lit added.

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Source: XBiz

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