Goddess Saffron Launches Online Slave Training Academy

Many thought our lives had gone virtual even before 2020, but this year really took things to new extremes. Everything is online or it simply doesn’t exist: classes, shopping, award shows, business meetings, play dates — it’s our new normal, for the time being.

And what about the slaves? Enter Goddess Saffron, who can keep her devotees in line anywhere so long as they can get online and visit her website heObeys.com. The website is the first-of-its-kind online slave training academy and interactive slave workhouse. She has an astonishing 18 slave training courses, ranging from beginner through intermediate to advanced, each with real-life tasks and challenges, and she keeps coming up with more.

“Not only is heObeys.com an online slave training school, but it is a male ego reduction system,” Mistress Saffron explains. “The male ego is a hindrance to a slave, often distracting them from their true purpose. HeObeys.com is here to solve that problem. All slaves enroll with 100% male ego. With every act of servitude, a slave will slowly chip away at his male ego. The lower a male ego, the more privileges a slave will unlock.

“Privileges include my virtual 360-degree temple where slaves get daily worship instructions, photos of the day, direct priority access to me and more coming when I see fit. HeObeys.com also contains a growing slave community with monthly slave contests. It entertains me to see my army compete amongst themselves as to who is going to be this month’s top tributer, top gift buyer, top student, top clip buyer, even most loyal slave.”

Read more at AVN.

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