Anastasia Rose Stars in Latest DickDrainers Thriller Fantasy

Anastasia Rose stars in DickDrainers’ latest twisted morality tale.

“Anastasia finds herself playing a perverse game of hide and seek with Branden Richards in the studio’s latest sinister scorcher,” explained company rep Richard D. Rainer.

“Her dumbass father owes a lot of money to some very bad people,” Rainer described. “When you owe somebody money, you don’t dodge their calls — you don’t lie about when you’re gonna pay it back. You keep your word, and you pay up. But apparently nobody taught this ‘schnorrer’ that you don’t run from your problems. Somebody needs to teach Mr. Rose how to grow up, but nobody can find him.”

“Like a li’l weasel he’s good at covering his tracks,” Rainer went on. “But you know who the creditors’ enforcer did find? His little girl.”

“Guess who’ll be ‘daddy’ now?” Rainer truculently asked.

DickDrainers’ Branden Richards was elated by the scene.

“You can probably guess that I love shooting with Anastasia,” he said. “She’s been on the site five times (more than any other performer) and we still have plenty of unreleased scenes featuring her. She’s an absolutely incredible performer and I’m glad our fans finally get to see me fulfill all her needs.”

To check out the scene, visit Dick Drainers.

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Source: XBiz

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