Miss Mae Ling’s Story Of How Consensual Non-Consent Is Healing

Miss Mae Ling opens up about how consensual non-consent has healed her life.

The adorable Domme, Miss Mae Ling shared her story of how she flipped a traumatic life experience into a life she loves with sex work. A powerful story of how consensual non-consent can be healing.

On October 04, 2020, Miss Mae Ling wrote a guest blog for Girl On The Net, one of UK’s most popular sex blogs. Sharing a personal story of how she took control of her life tackling the sensitive subject of rape and her journey of how she found BDSM and her love of pegging and consensual non-consent.

“Luckily, having found the kink community, with my new found confidence and vigor in life I found men I was attracted to. Men who changed my perspective on the “men” I had encountered in my earlier years.” wrote Mae Ling.

To read Mae Ling’s story on Girl on the Net, click here.

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