Evil Angel Releases New ‘Lost’ Update to ‘Fashionistas’ Saga

Evil Angel founder and director John Stagliano revisits his epic Fashionistas series with a brand new update posted Wednesday to EvilAngel.com entitled Fashionistas Lost.

Bringing series star Rocco Siffredi back to the franchise once again, Fashionistas Lost joins the Italian icon with current-generation stars Emma Hix and Naomi Swann.

Fashionistas Lost was going to be the first scene of a bigger, new Fashionistas movie,” Stagliano explained. “Because of the pandemic, that movie was never completed. However, this featurette stands alone as 95 minutes of suspenseful storytelling, fashion debauchery and beautiful girls modeling for and fucking Rocco. I am very happy with the project in that I think I succeeded in creating good, sexy storytelling suspense, with great and highly varied photography, and good sound.”

He added, “Emma is a beautiful model type who really knows how to do it Evil Angel-style, and Naomi is a natural at realistic acting and strong sex. And, of course, Rocco delivered as only he can, which is always is on a very, very high level.” 

The Fashionistas Lost featurette is accompanied on EvilAngel.com by a Making Of/Behind-the-Scenes documentary chronicling what Stagliano calls “the craziness that happened on set those days. Adira Allure shot and performed in this in her hell-bent-on-fame-and-fun way. As well, a BTS segment named ‘When Adira Meets Rocco’ is a scene that happened while I was setting up to shoot. It was previously released on EvilAngel.com and can be watched with the Making Of doc to get an idea of how much control I really had on the set.”

Stagliano also noted, “My crew was exceptional. Aiden Starr, Xtian, Evil Ricky and Sal Genoa each contributed high-level production values. And Aiden Riley’s drone piloting was amazing!”

Fashionistas Lost is available exclusively on EvilAngel.com. View the trailer here.

Source: AVN

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