Brandi Love Stars in Girlsway’s ‘Relax, Mommy’

Brandi Love stars in “Relax, Mommy,” available now on DVD from award-winning all-girl studio Girlsway.

“Relax, Mommy” co-stars Scarlett Sage as a stubborn young woman who is not a big fan of her father’s latest wife (Dava Foxx).

“For a school project Scarlett is supposed to go follow a parent around at work, and she never considered stepmom Dava Foxx because ‘gold-digging isn’t really a job,’ as the bratty stepdaughter protests,” said a rep.

“She does finally decide to follow mom to her so-called work and mom has an appointment with Brandi,” the rep continued. “Things get flirty quick, as it so often happens when you have a couple of sexy mature women who know what they want.”

“Soon it’s a tongue-flying, finger-ramming, orgasm-having good time and the young lady can’t avoid joining in,” the rep added.

Although in real life, Love confessed, “Scarlett wasn’t as naive and inexperienced — or as snotty — as her role called for, she played it well for the movie. Dava and I had a pretty good time showing that little whippersnapper what’s up in the bedroom — or living room, as it was.”

“Both ladies are great performers and we had a great day,” Love added.

To purchase “Relax, Mommy” and sample the trailer, visit Girlsway.

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Source: XBiz

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