Aria Khaide to Release ‘Wizard of Oz’ Cosplay Clip Tuesday

Content creator Aria Khaide is getting a jump on Halloween with a new holiday-themed clip set to debut on Tuesday.

Khaide assays “a slutty version of Dorothy, who is on her way to Oz to meet the Wizard. However, her hopes are dashed when the guard tells her she won’t get her wish,” a rep explained. “But Dorothy doesn’t give up, as she begs on her knees to the guard. The guard agrees to let her in, as long as Dorothy is willing to pay her fare in sex. That’s fine with her, and she uses her oral skills to gain entry to the magical place.”

Subscribers to Khaide’s ManyVids, OnlyFans — for which she is running a 50% discount sale for new members — and Pornhub profiles will have access to the new clip.

“I’m a slut year ’round, but there’s something about Halloween that really brings it out in me,” Khaide observed. “I couldn’t wait to dress up like Dorothy to suck my way into the Emerald City.”

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Source: XBiz

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