VR Bangers Announces 8K Ultra HD Virtual Reality Production

VR Bangers has commenced production of their virtual reality content in 8K ultra high-definition, beginning with Spencer Bradley in “Bachelor No More.”

A studio rep described the 4K and 6K UHD immersive VR experience as “smooth, clean and pretty much giving you the unique feeling that you have been there with the girl you just watched, even though she most likely was on the other side of the globe.”

“Now imagine that we could double — or maybe even triple or quadruple — the amount of the smoothness that you have just experienced, giving you something even better, here-and-now,” continued the rep. “The future is here, today.”

6K ultra-high definition (3160p), originally designed for movie theaters, gave viewers as much as 19,415,040 (6144×3160) pixels as long as the user donned a high-end VR headset capable of displaying such a high resolutions, the rep explained.

Meanwhile, 8K (3849p) “goes even beyond that, giving an almost overwhelming number of pixels and providing an even more spectacular experience,” said the rep. “Even though the display of the VR visor remains unchanged, the amount of pixels-per-inch is going higher, effectively giving a smoother and more lifelike experience. Specifically speaking, the difference in the number of pixels is almost two times greater. The numbers speak for themselves.”

VR Bangers CEO Daniel Abramovich expressed excitement about the innovation.

“We are going to open the market for crystal-clear 8K Ultra HD VR porn videos with our newest equipment,” he said, “but we are not stopping there.”

“The quality of 8K UHD VR porn scenes is unreal, but when we started developing these new technologies it turned out that even 10K Ultra HD is within our reach already – the problem is that there are no VR goggles capable of running the quality so high, so there is no point in pushing it so soon,” he said. “I assure you, though, that it will come out when the manufacturers of VR devices will catch up with us. It is all only a matter of time.”

Click here for a preview of Spencer Bradley in the 8K Ultra HD “Bachelor No More” and follow VR Bangers on Twitter.

Source: XBiz

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