Charlotte Stokely Pens XBIZ World Column on Content During Quarantine

Charlotte Stokely has penned a column for the current issue of XBIZ World, about how she upped her content game during the coronavirus shutdown.

The article, “Tornado of Creativity,” spans three pages and is illustrated with several new photos.

“Charlotte writes about the struggle of the lockdown for everyone and how, out of that struggle, she made two major changes,” a rep explained.

First, she made a “tremendous push to make, control and own” her content. Second, she spent a lot of her down-time with family — namely boyfriend Will Pounder — who helped her create content, including a surprise blowjob [clip] she did for OnlyFans.”

In the article, Stokely breaks down the services she has been using: OnlyFans, Twitch, SextPanther, and — especially — CAM4, for which she serves as North American Brand Ambassador. She has since done several shows of “dancing and vibing” with the live audience.

The 2020 XBIZ G/G Performer of the Year also recently participated in the virtual conference XBIZ Miami, where she presided over her own table.

“XBIZ gave me the ability to voice my opinions and share what I’ve learned with other industry professionals,” Stokely said. “I focused my table discussion on balancing your work life and personal life. Primarily, finding balance within a home/work environment, how to save and earn money, finding things that bring you joy, opening and using your creativity, allowing yourself to focus on goals and how to truly manage your time for success without burning out.”

Stokely added that she “loved the feedback from everyone that stopped by and ultimately this weeklong event was fun! I’ve been ‘staying home’ during this pandemic and it was lovely to meet and see so many like-minded faces.”

“Ten-out-of-ten,” she enthused. “I will be attending this event again.”

Find “Tornado of Creativity” in the digital edition of the September 2020 issue of XBIZ World.

For more from Charlotte Stokely, follow her on Twitter.

Source: XBiz

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