Rebel Rhyder is ‘Anal Assistant’ in New Backdoor-Centric Series

Rebel Rhyder stars in the debut of new, “backdoor”-focused ‘Anal Assistant’ series at

“Branden Richards has been doing great lately, and he’s at a pretty good place but he’s finding it difficult to keep up with everything all by himself,” revealed company rep Richard D. Rainer. “So he decides to get an assistant — emphasis on ‘ass,’ if you catch my drift and I think you do.”

“However, Rebel, the blonde-haired young lady that the agency sent out, just isn’t cutting it,” Rainer continued. “And the boss is not about to give her a pass for her sass — again, emphasis on ‘ass’.”

“Shooting for DickDrainers set the bar high for future butt badgerings,” said Rhyder. “Branden provided me one of the most beautiful and intense anal deconstructions I’ve had yet — I absolutely can’t wait to go back for more!”

“There are girls who like rough sex and girls who love it,” said Richards. “Anal queen Rebel Rhyder falls into the latter category.”

”She took her 100% ass-centric scene with a smile — you could say she ass-centuates the positive, to paraphrase the late, great Johnny Mercer,” he added. “She’s a huge reason why I love anal now, and the perfect model to launch our new ‘Anal Assistant’ series.”

“Girls like Rebel bring out the best in me and this scene is one of the best scenes I’ve shot,” the DD honcho continued. “You’ll be happy to know we have already shot multiple scenes so you’ll be seeing lots of Rebel Rhyder on!”

To watch “My Assistant Is An Asshole!,” visit

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Source: XBiz

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