Bella Thorne’s 2 Million Dollar ‘OnlyFans’ Scam!

Bella Thorne reportedly set records with her OnlyFans debut, but now some competitors and paying customers are calling it a big striptease — emphasis on the tease.

The former Disney princess-turned-porn-producer infamously “crashed” the NSFW platform when she joined this week and OnlyFans has hyped her $2 million haul in the days since. But now, some sex workers on the steamy streaming service claim the 22-year-old is cramping their paychecks.

“Naked. NAKED?! Yes naked,” reads an alleged screenshot of a message from Thorne’s OnlyFans account, shared to Twitter, accompanied by a pay-per-view post for $200. The pricey post, according to multiple Twitter users, showed the bombshell — who has not responded to The Post’s requests for comment — in lingerie, not “no clothes naked,” as the message promised.

The alleged bait and switch, according to incensed internet sleuths, caused thwarted subscribers to demand refunds, or “chargebacks” en masse. The promised skin shots would’ve reversed course for Thorne, who recently tweeted, “Nooooo I’m not doing nudity,” accompanied by Page Six’s story about her debut on the typically X-rated OnlyFans.

In a policy change allegedly made overnight, online oglers’ tips are now capped at $100, and one-time viewing fees for a post can’t exceed $50, according to one performer, who told her 14,200 followers, “no one was warned we found out ourselves.”

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