Interview: Tina Kay

Tina Kay learned that making herself happy is what matters most as she navigates through her ninth year in adult entertainment.

“I stopped caring about all that stuff that people constantly worry about,” Kay says.

“If you ask me who is my role model? I don’t have one. If you if you ask me who I follow? Nobody.

“I’m a very free spirit. I do what I like. I do what I want. I please nobody; I please myself. And it’s proven that it works. I just carry on. I don’t care what other people do. I don’t even follow them, you know, I don’t even check what are they doing. I do me. I do what works for me and you should focus only on yourself. That’s what I learned.”

This focused approach has led Kay to success at every level of her professional modeling career.

Now an international star with more than 450 adult performing credits, a directing deal with Harmony Films and almost 300,000 followers on Twitter, the London-based fan favorite says her success has been the result of a strong work ethic and not forcing anything.

“I just built up my livelihood, but naturally,” Kay says. “I wouldn’t say it was hard. No, it was a very natural way to success. … So I’m happy.”

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Source: AVN

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