Billie Star Offers to ‘Bang a Deal’ in VR Bangers’ Latest

Billie Star stars in VR Bangers’ “Let’s Bang a Deal.”

In “Let’s Bang a Deal,” the viewer and Star sit across from each other to negotiate a merger.

“Billie really believes that if you two are going to become partners,” said a rep, “you need to work really closely and basically share everything you have — and she indeed means everything, including your most private parts!”

“If you will play this right and let Billie satisfy her curiosity, perhaps this little business meeting of yours is going to finish with a much better ending than you might have been suspecting — after all, this is a VR porn experience, isn’t it?” the rep added.

Virtual Reality Bangers Producer Roman Lit commented that “the life of a businessman is indeed really hard and full of tough choices, but inside of our immersive virtual reality it is all getting way more enjoyable. We would like to greet all the business-related VR Bangers’ members and show them how it could all look like if life was as satisfying as within the VR Bangers porn universe!”

To watch “Let’s Bang a Deal,” visit VR Bangers.

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Source: XBiz

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