Lily LaBeau Stars in New YouTube Comedy Series

Lily LaBeau considers Cam_Girlfriend a project that was “just meant to be.”

“This experience was three years in the making,” LaBeau, the exclusive Chaturbate broadcaster, tells AVN. “I feel like we all connected. It was just so beautiful.”

Today LaBeau & Co.’s labor of love comes to fruition as the first of 10 episodes debuts on the Camming Life YouTube channel.

The original comedy series follows LaBeau’s character Chloe Cables—a rising cam model—through her struggles to maintain a relationship with her live-in boyfriend Mike (Dave Keystone) as she navigates the unique challenges of her profession.

Their complicated romance unfolds in various light-hearted, often outrageous scenarios based on real-life cam girl dilemmas, while the series explores the modern-day intersection between sex, tech, connectivity and love.

Cam_Girlfriend creatively mixes the real-life struggles of what it is like to be a cam model and the comedic addition of intimate relationships,” says Shirley Lara, chief of operations at Chaturbate. “Each episode uncovers a new comedic element of what a cam girl goes through in their day-to-day and lets the public see behind the curtain of the internet’s hottest trend.”

The first episode, titled “The Registry,” sees Chloe and Mike hatch a scheme to use Chloe’s camming registry to buy wedding presents for their friends. But when a pricey espresso machine is purchased, things take an unexpected turn.

CAMGF1 Productions shot every episode over a 12-day span in February 2018—with a four-day break in between—in Toronto. The series was made possible thanks to the Independent Production Fund.

LaBeau, an established adult star with more than 520 performing credits since 2009 who has also been camming on and off since 2013, reveals she originally was only going to be behind the scenes for Cam_Girlfriend.

“One of the creators contacted me to be a story consultant and we bounced around ideas for about a year and then finally it came down to picking the lead, but we couldn’t find the lead,” LaBeau explains. “So when we couldn’t find the lead, I kind of had to convince them. I had to fight a little bit, but I told them, ‘You hired me because you want authenticity for the story, but so many people will write our stories and pick some mainstream actress for the role and then you’re selling yourselves short.’ And it worked. I’m so glad it did.

“It’s all improv, too. These guys—I love their spirit.”

LaBeau is referring to what she calls “the dream team” creative force behind Cam_Girlfriend that includes creator/writer Ethan Cole, producer/director Daniel AM Rosenberg, writer Michael Goldlist and producer Jason Kennedy. All are seasoned pros with a breadth of experience in scripted and non-scripted television, film, music and other entertainment projects.

The charismatic native of Seattle drew on her decade-plus career in adult, showcasing her natural acting talent, quick wit and comic flair “to give it this really authentic feel.”

“I knew a paragraph of each episode going into this,” LaBeau says.

She notes the majority of the mainstream production crew was female, which she says brought “such a beautiful feminine energy” to the set.

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Source: AVN

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