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Entering the adult entertainment industry in 2019-2020, Sophia West has shown us that she’s here to stay. Sophia hit the ground running early on in her career and was featured in Hustler Magazine’s series “So You Wanna Be a Cam Star.” Before she embarked on a career in adult entertainment, Sophia was a lingerie and lifestyle model. After reading this insightful interview, you’ll want to turn those notifications on for Sophia so you won’t miss a thing.

What made you switch from being a lingerie and lifestyle model to the adult entertainment industry?

Sophia West: I loved being a lingerie model, but it was rather boring at times. Anyone who tells you modeling is a fun job was doing it differently than me. The hours of just standing around and posing got to me. When it was suggested that I model in the adult world, I said, ‘why not?’ and did some nude shots. It was so much fun that I decided to try OnlyFans and then move to mainstream adult video work. It’s so exciting, and let’s face it, I get to get off. It was a natural fit.

Your first scene was for your taboo playhouse. How did your first scene go, and what were your thoughts when it was completed?

Sophia West: I shot for MissaX. I actually contacted her because I loved the quality of her work. When she offered to have me fly out and do some scenes, I immediately said yes. My first scene was with Tyler Nixon. He was great and gave me pointers. My first scene was anal and a lot of fun! I totally loved being on camera and came like three times. When I saw it, I was so happy–it was beautifully shot and so sexy. I still watch it here and there. It’s still my favorite shoot yet.

Did you set any goals or want to accomplish anything in particular when you entered the industry?

Sophia West: I want to be a girl who puts it all out there. Give it my all each and every time. I want to be classy yet slutty. Someone who you would see in an elegant ball gown, and then the next moment naked having sex with everyone. I also want to be known as a true professional with those who work with me, including talent, agencies, and studios. I want people to want to work with me and have a good experience doing it.

Was there a learning curve for you when you began to work in the industry?

Sophia West: My first scene Tyler Nixon gave me great advice. Since then, every scene that I’ve done after, I learned even more. Some of the things I’ve learned are how to position yourself, how to move, and what to do so it looks good on camera, etc. I’m still pretty new, so I will probably be learning for a while to come. It’s not just sex, it’s performing.

What are your favorite things that you like to do on camera?

Sophia West: Since I’m still pretty new, I haven’t done a ton of group sex scenes, but I love doing them. I did a gangbang scene–it was great working with all the guys, and we had so much fun. I am living out my fantasies and loving every minute of it.

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