Skylar Valentine Meets Her Prison Pen Pal at DickDrainers

Ultra-petite starlet Skylar Valentine headlines a twisted new IR fantasy scenario from DickDrainers, in which a naive teen meets her prison pen pal fresh out of the slammer.

Young Skylar’s last journal entry reads:

My pen pal is an inmate named Branden. At first he sounded a little scary: the stories I read said he would wear this creepy mask and do really bad things to people. I didn’t even want to write him at first but I’m so glad I did. He responded so quickly and he is so sweet. He told me that he wasn’t responsible for the bad things they said he did, and the more I researched him the more I realized that he was right! He had such a bad childhood and so many bad things happened to him that they didn’t even care about when they were trying to lock him up. The man I’m writing would never hurt anyone!

I wanted to let my dear pen pal know I was there for him, and that not everyone in this country is a jerk, so I kept writing him. I didn’t tell anyone, not even my parents, because they wouldn’t understand. Sometimes I sent him pictures because he was so lonely in there, and I know he needed a friend.

When I got his last letter, I was sooooo happy! Because guess what? He’s getting out of prison! And he’s going to come see me!!!

OMG! My heart did a little flutter when I read that. I’m so happy! I can finally meet this guy who has become my really good friend and so much more to me! He told me to let him know when my parents aren’t home (they’re so judgmental and closed-minded, it’s embarrassing) and tonight they are going to be out at a concert so he’s coming over!

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Source: Mike South

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