Jezebeth Stars as Naughty Genie in DickDrainers’ Latest

Jezebeth stars in’s new release “Middle Eastern Genie Grants Kinky Gamer’s Wishes!”

“With all this time he has at home, DickDrainer’s own Branden Richards has been clocking in a lot more hours playing video games,” company rep Richard D. Rainer explained.

“One of his favorite old games was called ‘Kings of Persia,’ and they just made a remake,” Rainer continued. “He’s been playing this game non-stop, researching it, trying to find all the secrets. And when he stumbled on an obscure online forum, he was blown away!”

“In this forum, one guy wrote that there’s a code that will bring one of the main characters — this sexy genie named Jezebeth — to life!”

Jezebeth commented that “DickDrainers is one of my absolute favorite companies to work for. Branden is so sexy — he keeps it professional, but he and I always had such genuine chemistry from the first time we met and shot.”

“This scene was so much fun to do! I felt like a real Persian princess. The fans tell us how much they love seeing us together, and they are definitely going to love this scene. I can’t wait till he fills me up again!”

Richards added that every time he and Jezebeth are together “it’s so natural, it’s never work! We produce amazing scenes that the fans love. This latest one was something I have wanted to do with her for a long time, and it turned out exceptional. Definitely expect a lot more with the two of us!”

“Middle Eastern Genie Grants Kinky Gamer’s Wishes!” is available for streaming and download via

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Source: XBiz

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