Good news! @SextPanther Now Pays 5% More!!

When you log into your SextPanther account today you might notice you are being told to sign updated terms of service.

One of the changes is that as of May 14th, SextPanther has increased the base pay by 5%.

This is great news for all – who doesn’t love making more money?

SextPanther allows you to set up a new, private phone number and charge your clients for every text, call, and picture you receive. Connect your SextPanther phone number to any of your existing phone numbers and intuitively route your text messages and phone calls from fans to your cell phone without your fans ever seeing your real phone number! You can converse with fans via SMS text, exchange pictures, accept tips, and take phone calls all from your cell phone or laptop.

Give your fan base a single point of contact without having to download any additional apps! Why have to go through thousands of annoying direct messages on social media when you can focus on those fans that are really wanting to communicate with you and show this by paying to communicate with you using your terms!

Become a model HERE.

Source: Mike South

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