Christy Mack Co-Hosts Ivan’s New ‘King Slivan’ Podcast

Ivan, the award-winning adult and horror film director, is now hitting the internet with his podcast “King Slivan”—and it’ll be featured on major podcast platforms including Spotify and iTunes. The podcast’s debut on these formats begins with the first part of series co-hosted with Christy Mack.

A preview of Part 1 may be found here.

In the podcast, the two share stories from their adventures as friends, and talk about Christy’s new foster puppy, charity work and go into an extensive breakdown of how Christy built her brand and clothing line to their current heights.

“When I started the podcast in my hospital room, I never thought about going this deep into it,” Ivan admitted. “I’m so new to talking this much, especially interviewing anyone. Most of my interviewing comes behind a camera and in front of some naked girl. This is way different and more nerve-wracking. The good thing is, doing a podcast with people close to me puts me in a comfort zone as we are just chilling and talking as homies. Plus I have some very crazy stories to share!”

The podcast’s title is taken from his award-nominated character from Viking Girls Gone Horny, King Slivan, which is a combination of his legal name and porn director moniker. It started as a two-part podcast from his hospital bed about his journey with health issues. It quickly grew into something more as the podcast bug bit him right on his wounded leg.

With 14 podcasts in and eight more in the can, there is much interest building. The stories from inside the porn world come with a surreal feel, like the “HOstories” about the world of escorting. Then there’s the informative and super-raunchy double podcast with porn star Leya Falcon which delves into sissy boys, cucks and even eating candy from your anus.

In the next few weeks, the podcast will be adding episodes with more porn stars, horror filmmakers as well as people from the wrestling world.

To hear what the hype is about, just search for “King Slivan” on iTunes and Spotify. Video versions of these podcasts can be viewed on Slivan.TV with more podcast information on

Those who would like to be involved may email Ivan at or text to 323.397.5856.

Source: AVN

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